The Annual Snowball fight is the brainchild of Sessan
She hit me with the first snowball this year.
Come on and hit me with yours!

PLEASE HELP!! As you can see, most of my tossers are missing due to a corrupted file that won't let me use them.
If YOU played with us and can help me out with sending me one of the missing tossers, I would be so very grateful.
Thanks to Wanda Lucia and Wynne, many of my lost friends returned home. Thanks so much ladies!


Splat!! You got me!

sessan got me firstannica hit me marion hit me elizabeth hit me nancze hit me thalia got me laura zapped me annette bonged meshay got mewynne got mebabsy got memaxime got me annette got mewanda lucia got meamanda got melieve got mecheryl got me goodsusan got me good mary got mefarfalle got menadia got mekari got mejanene got melinda got me firstantoinette(sparky) got me!inge got me!pika got me! Mem got me!Kim got me!pia got me! paige got me! Claudia got me! Nikki got me!Karen got me!


NO Splat!! I caught these!!

teresa caught connie's caught kim's caught mary's caught inge'scaught lori's got you first, sadie caught this one from Siohban caught yours, Karin gotcha first, Inger gotcha first, donna caught yours, Ingrid caught yours, Mette caught yours, Kathy caught yours, Darlene caught yours, Marcia



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