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april report card   thanks Connie for the cute award  award from janene

Due Date- Wednesday, April 20- "Nifty Mnemonics." What's a mnemonic? (new maw nik) It's a memory device such as initials, sayings or rhymes that we use as an aid in remembering. For example, "30 days hath September..." or "Spring forward, Fall back" or HOMES for remembering the names of the Great Lakes. Whenever I try to screw or unscrew something, I remember "righty tighty, lefty loosey."
As a teacher, I use mnemonic devices all the time to help teach my students. So now that we're no longer desperate housewives and we're drop dead gorgeous, lets help one another get brilliant! Share some of your own little tricks for remembering things. If anyone would like to make a report card for this assignment, I'd love that. I'm thinking something along the lines of a string tied around a finger.

school fuzz from the pickle patch
What is memory?
ability to retain knowledge: the ability of the mind or of an individual or organism to retain learned information and knowledge of past events and experiences and to retrieve it.
Source: http://encarta.msn.com/dictionary_/memory.html

My definition: It's also what Alzheimer's Disease diminishes and eventually completely removes.

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"Image is the key to memory" says Dominic O'Brien, world memory champion.


Make your mnemonics MEMORABLE and VIVID/GRAPHIC (the wilder, the better)

Make your mnemonics ENJOYABLE or AMUSING

Don't be prudish - use whatever images/expressions that help you to remember

Try to use all your senses - use sight, touch, sound, smell and taste (the last three are very important for they are the less-used senses)


Mnemonic for remembering the Planets:
Last year, Kelly just agonized over memorizing the planets.
Wish I would have had this mnemonic for her then.

My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us New Pancakes
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Do you know how to use that fire extinguisher you just bought at Home Depot/Lowe's?   Here's the Mnemonic for remembering what to do.
P - A - S - S
Pull the pin Aim Squeeze Sweep

Ever go spelunking and try to remember which was which in the caves. Here's one for that little problem.
"When the mites go up, the tites (tights) come down." - in order to remember that stalagmites grow upwards from the cave floor and stalactites hang down from the roof. Source

I before E except after C
This is one I have to whisper to myself EVERY time I spell "receive" (I whispered it again, just now, typing that word!).

Went to see Miss Congeniality 2 and Sandra Bullock used a mnemomic teaching her partner self-defense moves against an opponent that attacks from the back. Her mnemonic is: S - I - N - G
elbow to the Solar plexus; stomp on the Instep
pinch the Nose and; knee to the Groin! Works every time!!

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Here's my little award for this assignment. I try to leave one for everyone I visit! If I miss you, please mail me so I can send you one!