Due Date- Wednesday, August 17- "Adventures in Babysitting."
Summertime always reminds me of those carefree days of being a teenager. Babysitting was always a good way to make a little pocket change. So, tell us about some of your adventures in babysitting. Did you raid the refrigerator? Or talk to your boyfriend on the phone all night? Did you have a friend over and make silly crank calls? Come on, spill! It's too late to get into trouble. Alternatives are to write about experiences with a babysitter for your kids or how about babysitting for your grandkids? Do you spoil them rotten? Go ahead and write about whatever you'd like. You're in charge.

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babysitting girlI never did any babysitting as a teen-ager. As best I can recall, none of the girls my age did. Not sure if parents didn't go out without their kids as much as they do nowadays or if there were more extended families living together which meant grandma and/or grandpa were in the home to babysit.

school girlHowever, once I became a grandmother myself, all of the above changed. I take my role as babysitter quite seriously. I consider it a privelege to stay with the kids and my grandchildren consider it a privelege to stay with me. I'm almost always available and I'm pretty good with the "spoiling" thing. So it works out well for all of us! Here's a Grandmothers Prayer that guides me in not being too "grand" to my grandchildren! Please click HERE to read it!

The goal of every Babysitting Adventure is HAVING FUN. No more babies in my family so it's fairly easy to accomplish. Sometimes it's Mohican State Park to hike the Appalachian Trail or closer to home it's the MetroParks Science Center and/or hiking the trails. Sometimes it's the movies and then eating out at Cracker Barrel and finding a "gotta have" in their gift shoppe. Sometimes it's something on a "grander" scale and there's a couple of those that I'm gonna share here.

mickeyWilderness Lodge at WDW with Erica (age 5) and Christopher (age 2) in 2000.
photo girl I am still living in Florida. Chris and Lisa ask us to babysit the kids so that they could go to her dad's in Fort Lauderdale. Oh sure and then "yikes", it's the first time they're away from Mom and Dad. This could be trouble! Just so happens, Grampa is a cast member at Disney so we decided to take them to Disney for the week-end. I had been just waiting for an excuse to stay at the Wilderness Lodge again and here was a chance to do exactly that. We had a blast. The kids loved it and it was a very happy time for all of us. Wanna see some pictures? Click on Mickey for pictures of the Lodge and/or click the little girl with the camera to see our pictures!

June 2001. Here's another example of Gram spoiling on a grande scale.
I've moved back to Ohio *sniff-sniff* and decide it's time to take Katie and Kelly to California. It will be their first time on a plane and their first time in California. We will visit my daughter Sue and my grandkids: Amanda, Tiffany and Sierra, who live in Moreno Valley. Sue has tons of stuff planned and we can't wait to get there. Pictures of the first week of our trip are HERE.
The second week of our California trip was spent in San Diego at the Hilton Beach and Tennis Club. It included a trip to Coronado and it's famous Trolley ride. Take a peek at those pictures HERE

Hope you enjoyed visiting our Babysitting Adventures. I'm on the way to visit yours!

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