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Due Date: Thursday, December 1st- "Christmas Crafts"- (or insert your December Holiday.) This assignment is unique in that it will cover both November and December. I'd like you to get crafty this Christmas. It can be something as simple as making your own greeting cards or gift wrap, maybe a special ornament for your tree or other holiday decor. Maybe a special gift lovingly made by hand. This would be a good assignment to enlist the help of your children or maybe even your spouse. By the due date, I'd like you to at least have an idea and some directions on how classmates could also do your craft. It's your turn to be the teacher. Then closer to Christmas, we'll check back in with you to see your finished project. If you can have it finished by the December 1st date, all the better.


xmas stockingFor Christmas this year I'm making "Scissor Sox". I saw them for the first time at a craft fair when I went bowling at the American Legion Hall. I exchange with about 30 other ladies and finding something that's not only useful but also easy to make and inexpenisve is the BEST. The crafter selling them was kind enough to explain how to make them and told me where to buy the supplies I needed.

xmas stockingSupplies:
The Scissor Sox requires just a few supplies. All you need are inexpensive potholders (Dollar General or WalMart are a good source), some plain or fancy buttons, magnets, scissors with different colored handles and a glue gun.

xmas stocking Assmbly:
Keeping the loop of the potholder at the top, fold in the 2 side corners and overlap them until the bottom of the potholder begins to look like a cone. Even up the sides and glue along one edge. Let dry.

xmas stockingGlue a button on the front and a magnet on the back. I also attach a couple new safety pins for decoration. Insert a pair of scissors with handles that match or contrast the potholder. There you have it! A Sox for your scissors. Using the magnet on the back, hang your Scissors Sox on the front of your refrigerator and you'll always know where your scissors are.

scissor sox

merry Christmas

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