Extra Credit in the Classroom!

March 16, 2005
For extra credit, tell us who your favorite celebrity beauty is and what you like about their look, hair, sense of style, etc...

My favorite celebrity pick is: Cher
cher She's a gorgeous, witty, gutsy, outspoken, talented lady who has the very special quality of endurance. She's a Grammy Award-winning singer, an Academy Award-winning film actress, an Emmy Award-winning TV star, Broadway actress and film director. No matter what hair color or style, she continues to look drop-dead gorgeous.

starThe one and the only Cher has decided to throw in the towel, the wigs, the sequins and the tour bus after one last and final appearance at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles scheduled for April 30th of this year.
"I'm old," laughed the eternally ageless Cher, now in a staggering fifth decade of her extraordinary career. "When I do my final show, I'll be thinking back to when I performed on the stage at the Bowl over 40 years ago with Sonny. That 325th show will complete the circle," added the star. Next year, she will celebrate her 60th birthday. Source: marketwire.net

Sunday, February 27
For the past two years, I've offered an "Oscar Dish" extra credit report card. All you need to do to earn it is post on your blog your thoughts on the show. Who do you pick for: best dressed, worst dressed, best speech and the "Dixie Chick Award" for an ill-timed antiwar speech, etc...? Come on, let's dish!

First of all, I didn't watch the red carpet segment before the start of the Oscars cause "Love Affair" with Annette Benning and Warren Beatty was on Lifetime and I just couldn't miss a minute of it. Overall, I thought the Oscar's were a class act this year; well organized and timed just right. I didn't read what the news media had to say about the fashions cause I didn't want them putting words in my mouth. So here's my thoughts:
Best dressed: Hilary Swank - best actress and best dressed in my mind. Her dress looked black on my TV but in reality is was purple-tinged blue. Whatever it was just as classy a look as they come. I laughed when she referred to herself as a 'kid from a trailer park'.
Worst dressed: My notes say Gweneth Paltrow but I can't remember the 'why'. A close runner-up would be Barbara Streisand. Nice black dress but just not right for her.
Best Acceptance Speech: Jamie Foxx had the whole theater and probably the entire TV audience in tears. He did good! NO anti-war comments so the show ended on a high note! So that's what I'm dishin out! can't wait to read what others have to say!

February 21-27
The return of "Treat Week!" treat week logoDuring the week of February 21-27, you are invited to participate and earn a wonderful report card that Sadie made. Just post on your blog about your treats and come leave a tag on my tagboard so we can come visit. I'm also attaching a little "Treat Week" logo (link to URL below) that Sadie made. Thanks, Sadie! You can learn all about Treat Week: HERE

(sniff, sniff) Missed out on this activity. Spent the entire week at my Mom's bedside thinking that she would expire any minute. She survived a severe bout of pneumonia is now feeling much better.