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Before taking the QUIZ, there's a couple issues I've just gotta address. The first one is what I like to think of as my "CLAIM TO FAME" because in 1969 I was a "Desperate Housewife" on Wisteria Lane with one unmanageble husband, 4 unmanageble kids, an unmanageable pregnancy (3 mild strokes in the last trimester) and one unmanageable dog.

Okay, so maybe the hubby and the kids and the dog weren't that unmanageable and that part of my story may be a wee bit of an exaggeration but that doesn't change the fact that I was a full-fledged "Desperate Housewife" on Wisteria Lane long before these imposters showed up on TV claiming to be "Desperate Housewives" on Wisteria Lane.

So now, how would you like to see some pictures from the 60's of the real "Desperate Housewife's" house and kids on Wisteria Lane? Aw! comeon! Take a peek! click HERE See? Told ya so!

My second issue is what I call my "dirty little secret" because I actually hate the word "housewife". I thought that when I got married, it was to my husband. I thought I was HIS wife. I didn't know that I was also marrying a house. Actually, the word is an oxymoron. How can you be the wife of a house when you didn't marry the house? See what I mean? Furthermore, Webster defines a housewife as: a married woman in charge of a household. So, if you're divorced or widowed, you're not a housewife? Maybe then we're called "homemakers". I like that word better anyway and wonder if you do also. So I'm posting a little poll here so you can vote on which word you think is the better word; housewife or homemaker? Thanks for helping me out here!

Now that I've got my "claim to fame" and "dirty little secret" addressed, I can move on!

Went HERE and took the quiz!
Which Desperate Housewife are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Congratulations! You are Lynette Scavo, the
ex-career woman who traded the boardroom for
boredom, mixed with moments of sheer panic as
the mother of four unmanageable kids.

No big surprise here! Figured I'd line up behind Lynette with just a few differences like:
•  NO boardroom! traded a bored room as a Supervisor at Ohio Bell for perpetual motherhood.
•  NO moments of sheer panic either except for maybe once. Pregnant again with #5.
•  NO kids with ADD so no addiction to their meds.
•  NO nanny; but I did have a mother's helper before Suzie was born!

FINALLY, my very best household hint, tip, recipe or whatever! This one has to do with burning candles in those little glass or ceramic candle holders. If you put a tiny amount of water in the bottom of your candle holder before inserting the candle, the wax doesn't stick and clean-up is a snap. Thanks to Martha Stewart for this one. For more help with making your lives less desperate, visit Daily Shortcuts for tons of good ideas.

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Here's my little award for this assignment. I try to leave one for everyone I visit! If I miss you, please mail me so I can send you one!