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Here's June's assignment:
Due Date- Wednesday, June 15- "Life's a Picnic!"

Did you know that picnic comes from the French expression pique-nique which means "a fashionable social entertainment" in which each guest brings a contribution to the feast. In other words, pique-nique was a fancy way of saying "potluck." Since summer is a time for picnics and enjoying the warmer days, I thought it would be fun to share some picnic ideas. Whether it's a romantic picnic for two, a tailgate picnic at the baseball game or a 4th of July BBQ... tell us what's in your picnic basket. You can describe your idea of a perfect menu, you can give us one or more recipes for a picnic favorite or you can even show us a photo of a favorite picnic spot. You could say this is a pique-nique or potluck assignment!

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I was surprised to learn that the tradition of picnics in America can be found in print as early as 1892 when Ella Eaton Kellogg wrote "Science in the Kitchen". In it is a section with recipes called "Picnic dinners".

But going on a picnic is not something I do very often so last summer when one of the members of my Savvy Singles group suggested a Picnic, we thought it was a great idea! As it turned out it was one of the nicest picnics I ever had the pleasure of helping to plan. picnic basket Initially, Gwen volunteered her house but then realized our group was just too big for her patio. So our picnic was in the Pavilion at the Village Green in the Falls. We decided beforehand that ours would be a potluck picnic and everyone would bring a covered dish along with a recipe card for the dish to share with others.

So what's in my picnic basket? Mine is filled with 100 pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Instead of grilling, we had Kenny do the cooking for us. My job was to order the chicken and pick it up on the day of the picnic. For a large crowd, it was definitely the way to go.  Besides KK, there were salads and pasta dishes and veggie dishes and of course, wonderful luscious deserts. If you went home hungry it was definitely your own fault!  Our picinc turned out to be so much fun that we're going to do a repeat performance on July 13th of this year. Wanna join us?  We'd love to have you come!

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Just remember . . . life's a PICNIC . . . enjoy it!

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