Due Date: Monday, October 31st- "Pumpkin Power!" Here's your chance to share your Jack-o-lantern masterpieces! Don't do Halloween? Then how about sharing a recipe with pumpkins or any other craft or useful idea for pumpkins? I actually have a great link where you can carve a pumpkin with flower patterns so they can be lovely fall lanterns. I also know a few blog friends who are raising pumpkins so here's your chance to show off your pumpkin babies. Link: http://www.sunset.com/flowerpumpkin

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pumpkinI didn't pick my pumpkin off the vine in a farmer's field. I didn't pick my pumpkin from the display at the grocery store or the bin at WalMart. She started out as greenware in a ceramic studio. When I first saw her, she looked to me like she was just waiting for me to pick her. She had a sweet smiling face and I didn't mind at all that she had a few teeth missing.

pumpkin line

I carefully scraped her seams and sanded her. That done I picked a bright yellow speckled glaze for her insides and proceeded to carefully paint it on. She was now ready for her first firing in the kiln.

The following week, she was ready for her outside glaze of bright orange and her second trip into the kiln. That meant one more week to wait before she would be ready to take home for my kids to see.

When I finally got to bring her home, the kids acted like she was the new baby in the house. They thought that I was terribly clever and I accepted their compliments graciously.

pumpkin polluEvery year at Halloween, Polly Pumpkin comes down off the top of one of the kitchen cabinets and assumes her position of honor in our home. This year she is sitting on the front steps surrounded by yellow mums waiting for Halloween night to arrive and her candle to be lit.

After Halloween, the candle comes out and she'll be filled with dried leaves and Indian corn, surrounded by colorful gourds and becomes the centerpiece at our Thanksgiving dinner table.

Hope you enjoyed reading my "Pumpkin Power" homework assignment and meeting Polly Pumpkin.

pumpkin line

I found this neatest set of pumpkin carving tools last Fall. The girls were here one day and I showed them the tools and suggested we carve a pumpkin. Kelly looked at me with this shocked look on her face and said "we can't do that - you'll hurt her feelings". Who's feeling's? See looked up at the top of the kitchen cabinet and said "HERS". She was looking at Polly, of course. So much for that idea.

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