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September to me always represents "Back to School" even though a lot of schools start in August so I thought we'd do a school related assignment for September. "My Favorite Teacher." As a teacher, I like to think I've made a positive impact on my students. I'm sure at some point in your school career, there was a teacher who made you feel special. One who recognized a special talent of yours. One who told you to reach for the moon because if you missed, you'd still be amongst the stars. Maybe it wasn't a teacher but another mentor. Here's your chance to honor that person who encouraged you to be all that you could be.

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studious girlMy Mom would laugh and call me a "professional student" because it seemed I was always in school. I, however, prefer to think of myself as a "Lifelong Learner" because whether I'm in a structured classroom setting or just living my life; I'm always learning!

Since I've had so many teachers, picking a FAVORITE turns out to be not so easy. I've had the good fortune of having so many excellent teachers that now I'm wondering . . . should I pick one from Grade School, High School, Nursing School, College or Grad School?

Although it's been far from easy, I've decided my FAVORITE has got to be Sister Mary Lorenzo, my High School Latin teacher. Now for the 'why' I picked her I have to set the scene here . . .

It's the 50's, my sister and I are Freshmen at Holy Name High School (No, we're not twins - I skipped the 5th grade - a whole other story). Holy Name is a Catholic co-ed high school staffed by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. It's a college prep school and they offer 4 levels of diploma; General, Academic, Scientific and Classical. Our Mom urged us to register for the Classical diploma which required 4 years of Latin. Ugh! but in those days, whatever Mother wanted: Mother got! So we declared ourselves as candidates for the Classical diploma.

Latin at the Freshman and Sophomore levels wasn't a snap but it wasn't a nightmare either. In our Junior year, however, that all changed. There were only 11 Juniors who registered for 3rd year Latin. On the first day of class, we were informed that instead of 3rd year Latin, the eleven of us would be joining the six Seniors taking 4th year Latin. Then in our Senior year we would take 3rd year Latin. What? This couldn't be happening! But it was and it did! My sister and I decided that no matter what Mom said, we were dropping Latin.

Enter Sister Mary Lorenzo. To her was assigned the task of teaching 4th year Latin to those of us who hadn't had 3rd year yet as well as to those who had. How did she do it? As I look back now I realize that this tiny, delightful woman had this incredible gift of taking the words off the page of the textbook and spinning them into exciting tales of Greek mythology.

Ulysses, the hero of Homer's Odyssey, a major character in the Iliad and the subject of my 4th year Latin textbook no longer was just a homework assignment but took on the attributes of a real life man known for his guile and resourcefulness. All thoughts of dropping the class vanished and the goal of graduating with a Classical diploma became a reality. Thanks to Sister Mary Lorenzo!

Hope you enjoyed reading my "My Favorite Teacher" assignment and meeting Sister Lorenzo.

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