my life report card

Due date: Wednesday, January 18- "My Life"- A traditional "back to school" assignment usually involves getting to know your classmates. American Express is using a print ad and television commercial using famous people, such as Ellen Degeneres, Tiger Woods, and Kate Winslet, all answering a questionnaire about their lives. I will send you that same questionnaire and all you have to do is fill in your answers. If you're puzzled by any question, you can look at the American Express website to see how the above people answered. Come up with a creative answer to that last question. I have attached the questionnaire for your convenience.


january topper

My name: Marge

childhood ambition: to learn to play the violin

fondest memory: holidays at grandma's house

soundtrack: anything country especially Toby Keith

retreat: Cleveland MetroParks

wildest dream: to be a jet pilot

proudest moment: induction into Sigma Theta Tau: Nursing Honor Society

biggest challenge: raising 5 happy kids

alarm clock: only used on casino days

perfect day: a walk in the park on a sunny day

first job: long distance operator at Ohio Bell

indulgence: trips to the casino

last purchase: Downey Fabric Softener

favorite movie: "The Notebook"

inspiration: My mom

My Life: heavenly hash

My Card: Hallmark! cause I wanna send the very best!

magic pencilfrom Connie