Here's the assignment for November:

"Falling for Autumn" Living in Southern California all my life, I never really understood the obsession with autumn that so many people have. But after a recent October trip to Colorado, I finally get it! So, tell me what it is about this time of year that you love so much? Tell us about the harvest season or holiday traditions in your corner of the world. Maybe share a favorite fall recipe that puts you in that autumnal spirit. Do you live in a place that has gorgeous fall colors? Share a photo so we can all be leaf peepers. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, share the must have items for your family dinner. Celebrate Guy Fawke's Day? Educate us about that. Let's celebrate this bountiful time of year. Thanks to Sadie and Connie for these homework suggestions.

may topper

palm tree Florida has sandy beaches, palm trees, sunny days and mild temps but not the gorgeous fall foliage that you see up North. On my drive down to Florida a few weeks ago, I was treated to hundreds of miles of stunning fall foliage as I drove through the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia. Only one word comes to mind - GORGEOUS - and something I will definitely miss while I'm living in Florida.

leavesFall in Florida kinda sneaks up on you. The two major trees here are the Live Oak and the Sycamore. The Live Oak doesn't lose it's leaves but the Sycamore does. One day the leaves are green and the next the leaves are all over the lawn. See the leaves? These are laying on the grass in the yard across from me. Although not as spectacular as what I'm used to, Florida does have a Fall season and right now I am celebrating Fall by raking leaves just like I would be doing if I was still up North. Soon the temps will get cooler and the grass will quit growing but the sun will be shining and there'll be no SNOW which I definitely will NOT miss.

One of the best Fall holidays is Thanksgiving. Traditionally the Cleveland kids come to grandma's house for dinner. Now that I'm in Florida, I wasn't sure what I would do for Thanksgiving. Turns out that the Cleveland kids are coming down and the Florida kids are already here so we'll be having our traditional Thanksgiving feast after all. We'll watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning and cheer Santa when he officially launches the start of the Christmas holidays. Then we'll have our traditional Thanksgiving day feast of turkey, stuffing, ham, baked apples, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole. We'll top that off with pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream. Yummy!! I can hardly wait! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope your holiday is filled with family fun, good food and lots of love.

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