Due Date: Wednesday, September 20- "How I Spent My Summer Vacation..."
Here's your chance to tell us what you did over summer break: a nice vacation, swimming at the pool, learning how to knit, reading good books... you name it. We want to hear all about it! Photos are always welcome!

may topper

report card I spent my Summer Vacation becoming a "SNOWBIRD". Don't know what that is? Well, let me explain.

We've all heard the saying: 'When one door closes another one opens'. Well that's what happened to me.

Last year when both my Mom and sister died, I felt that something inside me had died too! They were such a big part of my life and suddenly that 'big part' was missing and I didn't know how to fill it up and decided I probably never would.

Then one day out of the blue - it dawned on me. I'm FREE !! to come and go as I please. It was only then that I realized another door opened and all I had to do was walk thru it. My new freedom meant I did't have to stay in Cleveland during the winter if I did't want to and boy oh boy, I didn't want to. I wanted to be a SNOWBIRD !!

I spent most of the Spring months searching the internet for a retirement community in Florida that was affordable and met my needs. Finally came across what looked to be just exactly what I wanted. It's called:

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Located in Avon Park Florida, it's a A 55+ RESIDENT OWNED COMMUNITY RV RESORT & MANUFACTURED HOME COOPERATIVE. perfect!! just perfect!!

So this summer, down to Florida I went to check Lake Bonnet Village out in person and see if it looked as nice as it does online. Well, it did and I purchased a share in the cooperative.

Followed that one by another trip down to Florida to buy a camper. Well, it's really not exactly a camper - it's called a Park Model. It's small like a camper but has a regular bathroom.

Wanna see what my little park model looks like? Just click on my little Sadie mood girl below to check it out!

photo girl

I'll go down once again at the end of this month for what they call a 'walk thru". I ordered some changes to the park model so now I have to approve the changes and then it will be put on lot #318 at Lake Bonnet Village. My house # here in Ohio is 18 and my lot # in Florida is 318. Funny huh? In November, after election day, Dahli and I will jump in the car and motor on down to our new Florida home and I'll be a SNOWBIRD!!

So that's what I did on my Summer Vacation. The next time 'one door closes and another opens - don't be afraid to step in. I'm glad I did and you will be too!