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Move to Florida . . .
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Mom lived in Cleveland her entire life.    In l996, when I retired from Nursing at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, we moved south to Clermont, Florida.    Mom lived at South Fork Ranch with the family until May of l999 when she moved to Oak Park Assisted Living Facility in Clermont. They provide her with the socialization & activities that a rural environment couldn't provide. She seemed happy & content in her new home for which I am grateful.

Pictures of Mom at Oak Park Assisted Living Facility
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Your move to Oak Park is what is generally refered to as "placement". Now there's a word that strikes fear into the hearts of many caregivers/families. Isn't "how did you decide when it was time for placement?" one of the most frequently asked questions? as well as the MOST difficult to answer? Yes, it is & here's how it happened for us. . . .

We were sitting in the screenroom one day when you said:
"Can I ask you a question, Margie?"
"Sure, Mom"
"Where are all the people?" you asked.
"Well, Mom, there's just us: you, me, Dad & Andy."
"Are you feeling lonely?"
"Maybe a little" you said.

but it was at that moment that I knew you were ready to move on & be with others your own age. So placement was not as traumatic for us as it might have been. I knew, you knew: it was time.

You were going to the podiatrist the next day so I asked you if you wanted to visit the new assisted living facility that just opened in town. You thought that was a pretty good idea so we stopped and went in. You just loved what you saw and decided to give it a try.

A few days after you moved into Oak Park, I asked you "how you liked it?" "I hope God lets me stay here forever", you answered. Wow! That really blew me away. And made me so happy that you were happy.


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Christmas 1999  Pictures of Mom
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You continue to be very happy at Oak Park and slowly but surely we fall into a routine that works for both of us. I visit you twice a week and on Sunday I pick you up and we go to Mass at Blessed Sacrament. We drive to the farm and you spend the day. After dinner, I drive you back to Oak Park.

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