My First Adventure
I play Card Bingo at the West Clubhouse.

card bingo

Here I am at Card Bingo. Everyone thought I was sooooooooo cute and they just love the letter you wrote, Lizzie. I bet you're all asking: What is card bingo? Not sure I can explain it but I'll try my best. OK here goes!

Instead of a bingo card we use a deck of cards. You deal out all the cards in a deck of cards to the 4 players at your table. You arrange your cards in suits (diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades). The leader calls out a card like the 4 of spades. If you have it, you put it on a pile in the middle of the table. When you have no cards left, you call out BINGO! and you win the jackpot. Get it?

I won Bingo twice and got $12.00. Pretty good huh?