Lizzie's Flat Stanley Project


April 1, 2008

Dear Grandma,
In class we read a story about Flat Stanley.
I made a Flat Stanley to mail to you.
Would you let him visit?
Would you also write about Flat Stanley's adventures with you?
You can write about (and/or send pictures or souvenirs) of all the exciting places that Stanley visited with you.
Then mail him back please. Thank you.
I cannot wait to hear from you and share Stanley's adventures with my class.
Sincerely, Lizzie

lake bonnet village Hi Lizzie, I am so happy to have Flat Stanley visit me at Lake Bonnet Village in Avon Park FL. I love having a new friend to play with and I hope he has tons of fun while he's here. Thank you for sending him to me. Love, Gramz
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