Poultry Barns

~ little barn ~

The "little barn" houses all of my white Silkies. There's only 6 of them so they have plenty of room to roam. Misty & Prissy are caged for the night in here too. During the day, they are in the outside area under the canopy. I will also continue to use this barn as the brooder area for my new hatches. They will stay here until approximately 2 months of age when they are moved up to the "big barn" (just in time for the new batch of peeps).

The "big barn" coop is a lean-to attached to a 27 x 27 pole barn. It is divided into 4 coops which allows me to keep the colors separated. Initially the poultry run was outside the polebarn. This Spring I moved it to under the roof of the barn which is working out much better. No longer have the shade problem to resolve !!

poultry run outside barn

run moved under the pole barn roof