Blue Silkies

The BLUE silkies are a very interesting & challenging color. The different shades of blue are very exciting to develop. The blues should be dark blue/black in the head & hackle with slatey blue feathering on the saddle, wings & tail. This picture is of one of the only blues from the LeRoy/Prissy mating. "Ivy" has been to 2 shows. She placed at both.

Ivy; a blue pullet

* ~ * Ivy * ~ *
RV (Reserve of Breed) at the Central Florida Poultry
BV (Best of Variety) at the Anderson, South Carolina show.

Prissy; a self-blue pullet

~ * ~ Prissy - a Self-Blue ~ * ~
10-14-00 - CFPBA - Best of Variety

Misty; a blue pullet

~ * ~ Misty ~ * ~

perfect; a blue pullet

Blue pullet with perfect feather coloring.