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Lot's of folks don't associate living on a ranch out in the country with a watergarden. But just like many city folks, we also need one of those special places to rest & relax. If you like gardening & have a spot in your yard that you're not quite sure what to do with then please consider putting in a pond. A WATERGARDEN can be one of those "special places" in your yard just as it is in mine.    It doesn't have to be large & elaborate. No large waterfall is required; just the sound of running water along with lots of flowers & fish will do just fine!

Ready to see my ponds?
The first one you'll see is one I call my small pond. It's just outside our screenroom so if you'll follow me, we'll take a look at that one first. Please step out onto the red stepping stones.


Here it is! My small watergarden . . .

1999 !!
2000 !!

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view from the patio !!
geraniums & Indian Hawthorne !!

Next to the small pond is my geranium garden. The geraniums are mixed in with Indian Hawthorne which the nursery suggested and I'm happy with that combination. What do you think?

In the evening, I enjoy sitting on a lounge chair in the screenroom; listening to the running water & watching the fish. Thanks to submersible lighting, the goldfish are much more visible at night than during the day. Watching their antics is just delightful!

Let's continue down the red path on our way over to the 'big pond'. The path is lined with oyster plants along each side as well as split leafs and washintonian palms. You'll see the pictures of those below.

red brick path !!
oyster plants close-up!!

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As we walk along the path, if you look to your left you will see Queenie. She's a giant triple Washintonian Palm that just dominates all the plants here. She thinks she's quite beautiful and she's right! she is!

And here we are - the entrance to the big water garden. It' is so beautiful here! It's quiet and peaceful and the perfect place to refresh your spirit! Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!

I'm Queenie !!
this year
entrance to big water garden!!


big 1


This watergarden sits in a area that gives it a perfect combination of sunlight and shade. There are 2 pools here. This is the upper pool with the umbrella water feature. The top pool spills into the bottom pool.


big 1


This is the lower pool with the sun shining on it and making the water appear to sparkle.


big 1


Another view of the lower & upper pool. Do you see little froggie sitting on the spillway?


big 1


The plants you see in the foreground here are liriope.
They fill in around the ponds very nicely and are easy to care for.


big 1


Surrounding the pools like guardians are the Washintonian Palms. Magnificent in appearance and providers of cool shade from the hot Florida sun.

Hopefully, you are entertaining some thoughts about trying a watergarden for yourself. That's wonderful! If not, then I hope you enjoyed the pictures & even reading the dialogue. For those of you who want to know more, please continue............


palm treepalm treepalm treepalm treepalm tree


Water Garden Plants

Although water lilies are usually the focal point of most watergardens, several other plants are necessary to keep the pond in balance. All ponds need to include: oxygenators, water lilies, floating plants, bog plants, golfish & scavengers.

The variety of plants available for watergardens is almost endless & the choices you make are very personal. But like any other garden, ponds are an ongoing process. Some choices you make are perfect. Some you may want to change & that's okay. Below are some of the plants I chose for my watergarden.

WATER LILIES are truly the queen of watergardens. They are classified as either hardy or tropical. Tropicals bloom year round & have fragrant blossoms. Tropicals are further classified as day or night bloomers. Water lilies not only provide beauty with their gorgeous blossoms but also cover the surface of the pond & shade the water.



This one is called: White Hardy. She is the first lily I purchased for my ponds.


Just in case anyone is wondering;
all of the pictures on my pages are taken with a Sony Mavica digital camera.




"Catherine Byrne"
is a day bloomer with large magenta blossoms & is highly viviparous. Viviparous means she reproduces herself by growing new plants in the center of her leaf pads. Isn't that amazing ?




This is "Dauben".
She is blue and is a tropical day bloomer. And she's my absolutely, positively favorite lily.
She also is viviparous & blooms year round!


A Sweet Surprise!
October 2005

Dad took a ride to the back of the property in the area of the Green Swamp and there, much to his surprise, was this gorgeous water lily. Andy took some pictures and sent them to me today so I'm adding them here.




How this gorgeous specimen got into the swamp no-one really knows for sure. One theory is that it's growing close to where the compost pile used to be and perhaps I threw her out but she decided to survive and delight us all this time later!

surprise 8
October 2005
surprise 6
October 2005!!

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surprise 5
October 2005 !!
surprise 7
October 2005 !!


More About Water Gardens

GOLDFISH add life & beauty to every pond. I chose Japanese fantails for my ponds. Their fancy double tail makes them especially fun to watch. Besides being beautiful, they eat mosquito larvae. If you prefer, koi are also a fine choice for the pond but they have been known to occasionally nibble on plants.

OXYGENATORS are essential to keeping the pond clean. They not only produce oxygen but also absorb carbon dioxide resulting from fish waste & decaying matter. The oxygenators in my ponds are: • anacharis  •cabomba and • marestail. Anacharis & cabomba need to be planted or weighed down. Marestail just settles in.

SCAVENGERS are the "housekeepers" of the pond. Trap-door snails &/or black ramshorn are good choices.

BOG PLANTS are also called "marginals". They add height & texture to the garden. They are not submerged in the water like the water lilies but rather perch on the sides of the pond in the shallower areas.

Pictures of all the plants I've mentioned above are readily available in watergarden catalogues. It's what you choose & how they all come together as a whole that matters.    One thing I can guarantee & that's the feeling of satisfaction you will experience & the joy it will bring!


Until next time:
~ Happy ponding & thanks for visiting! ~

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